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The Creator: Kai (Kairi)
Gender: Female
Last Updated On: January 21st 2009
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Jan. 23 2009
It's reeeally early in the morning right now! Like, I'm talking 1:30 AM here!.. But I'm sure you don't care. All you people care about are updates! That's all you read the update section for! You're so self centered.. -cries-

Here are the updates that are worth mentioning from the past few days..

New Pages:
Kai's Blog
The Manor (Private)

I added a place on the Navigation where you can view the birthdays of Anime characters, Voice actors, or even Piczo members (If I'm informed) on the current day. Todays anime birthday is.. -points-

Everything else is just kinda.. Minor.

Jan. 20 2009
So, if anyone knows anything about me it's that I can't keep a damn layout for a week straight. I really like this one though <3 So I might keep it for a while.. Orrr, as long as I can, anyway. XD other than that, I'll be adding new pages soon. Some will be more for HTML help, or just some enter signs or Hiatus signs or something. Also, feel free to ask me for a customized one!